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relief unless we can get the other side to cut education national parks whatever else. and these are not cuts that people want to make. so the relief funding is going to get delayed or completely held up. >> wow. >> so every time that there is a natural disaster where funds are needed immediately, congress has to have a big fight over what they are going to cut in order to fund disaster relief. >> yeah. insane. >> they just seems like the height of irresponsibility. >> also if you think about it too, though if you cut this federal funding in what position does someone do? governor romney stands up and says good luck to you? >> right. not only that, but, you know, a lot of the funding goes towards folks that are disadvantaged and at the margins of society anyway. so we're going to take away food from the mouths of poor people to do disaster relief while continuing to give major tax cuts for people who don't need it. >> i'm sorry you didn't pay your disaster relief premium last month, so you are screwed. >> that's right. the way that paul ryan tried to
. you shouldn't have to be wealthy to have an education. my father was an immigrant and came here and worked like mad to make living for our family. i come from a family that was hugely supported by -- at times in my life by the system that the republican party so tears apart. and i have been a member of the 47% for most of my life and i just want to keep the door open and make sure that everybody is taken care of and has access to basic human rights. >> stephanie: now that you play a doctor do people ask you for medical advise randomly? >> no no one does. i must look like -- like -- honestly -- something is going on because no one ever approaches me -- maybe i just -- maybe i look really mean. >> stephanie: the best thing i saw online a gynecologist, a woman was in the stir ups, and the gynecologist is like i see the problem you have too many republicans in there. >> yeah it's madness. i don't think it was always this way, but for some reason things have really really gone off on this tangent. [ overlapping speakers ] >> and it's very very real but women do h
one in education. that was under his predecessor. that was his initiative. it had nothing to do with romney. he inherited it. >> it is unbelievable, this guy. it would be funny if it weren't so scary that he's this close to being able to pull off an -- because clearly, he's trying to impersonate ronald reagan that he's an affable sort of -- >> stephanie: first of all that he didn't hear the fema question 14 times yesterday. maybe he needs a miracle ear if nothing else! [ laughter ] >> exactly! at least reagan could blame it on his age and the fact that he usually did that on airport tarmacs but this guy the children of the corn sons, they frighten me, too. you see tagg romney's stare. it is like out of a horror film. >> what was that thing about him? >> the entitlement on that woman is frightening. we've put out enough taxes for you people. >> ann: stop it! >> stop it. it's our turn. our turn? holy moly! >> stephanie: wow you're just like wind you up and -- we need to have you on more often. >> i'm o
because in the last debate, romney praised arizona for its education. >> stephanie: uh-huh. >> arizona came in 49th school astically. also my other comment is ann romney made a statement that during a two-year mission his mission was equal to two years of service. what a god damn insult that is to the veteran and service people. i'm so upset about that one. i could scream. >> >> stephanie: he compared hurricane relief to one time when they were picking up trash from a football field. >> get people supplies so they can live. picking up trash. >> it is horrible. >> picking up trash is horrible. >> stephanie: for halloween one more scary creature. ann coulter in right-wing world. >> notice how liberals always -- their candidate they always want to have sex with. they have fantasies clinton gore obama of course. they write this in places like "the new york times." liberal woman are fantasizing about having sex with their candidates but at the same time their opponents must be described as tea baggers, as
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4